Cryotherapy is a modern cosmetic procedure carried out with the help of cold
Nitrogen in liquid form is the main tool for fighting skin imperfections on the face.

‼ ️Cryotherapy can give a woman much more than she can imagine


improve blood circulation, thereby contributing to the acquisition of a healthy and even complexion;

smooth the skin, removing post-acne, scars;

promote facial rejuvenation, eliminate age-related changes;

 improve skin tone, give it elasticity;

get rid of annoying acne and seborrhea;

eliminate oily sheen on the skin, narrow pores;

reduce body fat along the contour of the face;

relieve puffiness and soreness on the face after undergoing cosmetic procedures;

improve skin condition with dermatitis, psoriasis


Can the procedure be done in our salon?
From August 15, the price increase for cryotherapy is 350 rubles by subscription, 450 is a one-time procedure.
Last chance to purchase a season ticket at the old price! UNTIL AUGUST 15!
The subscription is valid for 1 year, you can use the subscription in any salon of the network.
* where this service is provided


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